Close encounter with elephant (second encounter)

My second elephant encounter occurred just a couple of days after the first. It was totally unexpected and rather more dramatic. We had travelled by long tail from the base camp, itself quite some distance from any land based access, then paddled up an inlet by SUP, and finally walked for a couple of hours up a deep valley surrounded by dense tropical jungle.

The going was slow and arduous over the rocky river banks which occasionally opened unto a freshwater pool where we could cool off.


On approaching a bend in the stream one of my companions, Ivan, said he saw some ripples in the pool ahead - possibly a lizard. Just moments later a large elephant which had been lounging on its back in the pool came to its feet, paused momentarily, and charged at me rapidly with ears flared and trumpeting loudly. I grabbed these shots as I began to retreat backwards, finally turning and running at full pace.


Some degree of risk aside, it's a magnificent part of the world and a real treasure that we can still experience encounters of this nature with wild animals.