SUPS for Longtail

In 2014 I designed two new SUPs for Longtail, a 10'6" all rounder and two race boards; 12'6" and 14'.

Iain Hayes and myself took a Irie island for a test run. Surf was small but beautiful conditions and no crowds. And the boards worked a treat.

Surf was small but beautiful conditions and no crowds. There are numerous breaks like this, lefts and rights. It's hard to pick the best section of beach so we often roamed the breaks along the beach.

 All boards have carbon laminates, bamboo decks, and are available in grey or red.




The Irie Islands are a bit off the beaten track and not the easiest place to get to, but hey, order a new board now and we just might tell you how to get there. No promises though!

The waves for the testing session were small but beautifully shaped. This is Iain on the 14'er. This board is designed for racing, especially offhore, but it handles the beach break as well.


Damn! These waves just kept pumping through for the four days we were at Irie - and just the two of us to surf them most of the time!

Amazingly we shared the numerous breaks with just two  or three other surfers for the whole day. In fact up until about 11 oclock in the morning there was no one else in the water.

A couple of shots of Iain on the 10'6"

The 14'er is not really designed for surfing - it's more for racing and touring, but it was surprising how well it handled in these small waves.

Both boards got a hearty thumbs up at the end of the four day session.



10'6" long x 30" wide x 4" thick. Vol 156.9 Litres

Brushed carbon bottom, Bamboo deck.

Concave bottom to just forward of the mid point, slight V in the exit.



12' 6" Long x 28.3" wide. 5.7" thick. Vol. 251.11 Litres

Brushed carbon bottom, Bamboo deck.



14' Long x 27.2" wide. 6" thick. Vol 283.9 Litres

Brushed carbon bottom, Bamboo deck.


All boards in grey or red.