Logotype for Airplay Trimarans

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Vinyl wrap for hulls and graphic elements for brochure and web pages RAW30 trailerable trimaran.

The vinyl wrap was approved and applied as I designed it and it looked fantastic on the boat when it was new. The floats were totally covered in the wrap. After some use the outboard hull sides started to show rub marks here and there where they had been bumped or scuffed against something. These marks were patched over with spare pieces of vinyl but it stated to look a little tacky after a while.

My own preference for future projects would be to have the wrap cover a smaller portion of the hull - maybe just 20% to 30%.


raw brush graphic tonygraingerdesign



Proposal for Logotype for Raw Trimaran. I liked this image for it's gestural simplicity and suggestion of motion, but it didn't really fit with the feel I wanted for the boat and I never submitted it for consideration.

Unlike the Raider logo below this one was created on a Wacom Intuos tablet in Sketchbook Pro. Much less mess to clean up!






Anyone who's been around multihulls for a while will probably recognise this one. I guess it must have been circa 2000/2001. The logotype was created by drawing many "Raiders" very quickly with a real brush and real ink on paper and finally choosing the best one. I then photographed it and photoshopped it to get the yellow and purple drop shadow logo that was widely used at the time.

However I took a liking to the red version I saw later on Roger Overell's Raider One Design and stole his idea for this image.

Logotype for the Raku cats. Probably 2009 or 2010. I don't remember where the inspiration for the face came from but the name resonated with a lot of the Japanese design I was studying at the time. Hmmm…three "R" names in a row - must something in that?

Logotype and graphic for web site background banner and brochures for Rocket Factory Trimarans, 2014