On using judgement and making decisions

It's the title from Seth Godin's blog about the way Aditya Mukerjee was treated by airport security staff, airline employees, the FBI and the New York Police Department when he tried to board a plane to fly from New York to Los Angeles a few weeks ago. 

To quote from Seth's blog;


"There are only two choices available to any large organization:

1. Hire people who make no original decisions but be damn sure that if they are going to run by the book, the book better be perfect. And build in reviews to make sure that everyone is indeed playing by the book, with significant monitoring and consequences in place for when they don't.

2. Hire people who care and give them the freedom and responsibility to act. Hold people responsible for the decisions they make, and trust their judgment".


If you're not familiar with the story you read Aditya's account here;





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