Importance of Branding-(and on labelling apples)

What sort of products benefit from branding and what are the primary drivers that make that branding successful? I find it very annoying to have to remove a label from an apple. Does anyone read those labels? Most are too small to read easily anyway. And the residue of glue on the skin; is that good for you?

I choose my apples by look and feel, not the brand name. And I wonder how much technology or manual labour  goes into making sure every apple gets one, and just one label?

For many of the consumer products we buy the choice is strongly influenced by brand. So what are the factors that determine whether a particular product requires strong branding, and what are the factors that determine whether that branding is successful in driving both perception and sales for the product? How do we know when a product is successful because of the branding, as opposed to just being a good product at the right price?

I'll be addressing these issues in more detail in some future blogs.

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