Vinyl wrap for hulls and graphic elements for brochure and web pages RAW30 trimaran.

At the time of posting the vinyl wrap in the top image has been approved and the artwork is in production. The other images with the dark backgrounds are proposed for the web site and brochures but have not yet been approved.




raw brush graphic tonygraingerdesign



Proposal for Logotype for Raw Trimaran. I liked this image for it's gestural simplicity and suggestion of motion, but it didn't really fit with the feel we wanted for the boat and I never submitted it for consideration.

Unlike the Raider logo below this one was created on a Wacom Intuos tablet in Sketchbook Pro. Much less mess to clean up!






Anyone who's been around multihulls for a while will probably recognise this one. I guess it must have been circa 2000/2001. The logotype was created by drawing many "Raiders" very quickly with a real brush and real ink on paper and finally choosing the best one. I then photographed it and photoshopped it to get the yellow and purple drop shadow logo that was widely used at the time.

However I took a liking to the red version I saw later on Roger Overell's Raider One Design and stole his idea for this image.

It's a great photo - the original is in colour with the boat well lit, contrasting it against the cloud in the background, and the crew obviously enjoying the moment.

I don't remember who gave me the photo or who snapped it, however I'll be happy to give the photographer a credit if someone lets me know it was.